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Guernsey AML CPD Series 2019


Achieving your AML CPD can be a challenge. The aim of this extremely popular series is to provide 12 hours of practical and relevant CPD in a lively format. Delivered over the course of the year, the topics covered in the twelve one-hour seminars are crucial for building and maintaining your knowledge in today’s fast-moving environment.

A new programme is designed each year to ensure that your CPD is relevant and topical.

When booking the Series please select your preferred time. Once booked, individual seminar times may be changed by contacting our bookings team:

Individual seminars are £55. The full series can be booked for a discounted cost.

Learning Outcomes

  • The programme is designed to ensure all delegates will gain an understanding of the range of financial crime types and the vulnerability of their businesses to these crimes
  • The programme will equip delegates with an understanding of financial crime prevention systems and controls
  • Delegates will be able to analyse risks presented to their organisations


  • Affordable, quality CPD
  • Flexibility – delegate places are interchangeable between employees of the same organisation
  • Hard copies of speakers’ notes/slides provided at each seminar – subject to availability
  • CPD certificates of attendance for each session



12 monthly seminars


GACO members receive a 20% discount

CPD hours:12
Suitable for:

This series will be of interest to anyone working in the finance sector including MLCOs, MLROs, anti-financial crime specialists, compliance professionals, directors and those working in risk management.

Dates:06 Mar 2019 - 11 Dec 2019
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Programme Content - Each session can be booked individually

Guernsey AML CPD Series 2019 Seminar 1: From Russia with cash – examining the issues of dealing with Russia

  • Background and mood change
  • Examining the impact of corruption and UK property market
  • Ensuring effective risk management strategies
  • Illustrative case study

Guernsey AML CPD Series 2019 Seminar 2: Stretching the reach of sanctions – assessing the impact of the UK Magnitsky Act

  • What is it?
  • Background and drivers
  • Impact – extension of sanctions
  • Case study – examining potential risk and impact

Guernsey AML CPD Series 2019 Seminar 3: "Strong arm of the law" – examining LEA developments

  • Examining recent LEA developments and update on contemporary cases
  • Deferred prosecution Agreement (DPAs)
  • Unexplained WealthOrders – aka the "McMafia" orders
  • OFSI – UK sanctions update
  • FCA – new approaches and impact

Guernsey AML CPD Series 2019 Seminar 4: Panama and Paradise Papers – fake news or inconvenient truth?

  • ICIJ updates and impact
  • Panama Papers – what happened next?
  • Paradise Papers – what happened next?
  • Assessing global responses and LEA action to date – what can we learn???
  • Future revelations…?

Guernsey AML CPD Series 2019 Seminar 5: MLROs under pressure? Review of current regulatory and court actions

  • Assessing the role – do MLROs face an unfair regulatory burden?
  • Review of enforcement action to date
  • Lessons learnt
  • Insurance considerations

Guernsey AML CPD Series 2019 Seminar 6: Bribery and corruption update – usual suspects and emerging stars

  • Round-up and examination of latest high-profile cases
  • Considering local contamination risk
  • Learning to spot the [not necessarily] obvious red flags

Guernsey AML CPD Series 2019 Seminar 7: Investment fraud and values – round-up of recent regulatory action

  • How do they do it? A review of common market abuse techniques
  • How much does it really cost us?
  • The expense of restitution, regulatory fines and reputation!

Guernsey AML CPD Series 2019 Seminar 8: No safe havens – the impact of the Criminal Finances Act one year on

  • Where are the prosecutions for tax evasion?
  • How reasonable do the reasonable procedures need to be in order to allow for a meaningful defence?
  • Does the offence go far enough? What else does HMRC have in store?

Guernsey AML CPD Series 2019 Seminar 9: Countering the financing of terrorism – what areas should an effective BRA consider when managing this risk?

  • Top tips – using the FATF recommendations of PESTEL
  • Are you asking the right questions around Political issues, Economic factors, Social structure, Technological capabilities, Environment and geographical features and Legislation?
  • Ensuring an effective risk assessment in line with current National Risk Assessment (NRA) thinking

Guernsey AML CPD Series 2019 Seminar 10: Governance – ultimate defence or white elephant?

  • A review of latest governance thinking:
    • Board compensation
    • Risk management
  • Meeting your regulator’s governance expectations

Guernsey AML CPD Series 2019 Seminar 11: CDD update – UBOs (Uncovered Beneficial Owners or Unexplainable Beneficial Owners?)

  • Who or what is the UBO?
  • UBO – understanding the pressure on public disclosure
  • Managing the risk of the undisclosed agent
  • How well are we doing as a jurisdiction?

Guernsey AML CPD Series 2019 Seminar 12: You heard it here first – what might 2020 hold?

  • Post-Brexit influences
  • USA
  • UK influences: FCA/SFO/NCA
  • Tax evasion and mission creep
  • New markets and opportunities

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