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Anti-Money Laundering CPD Series 2019 starts 07 March

Structured CPD worth thinking about

Achieving your statutory AML CPD can be a challenge. The aim of this series is to provide practical and relevant CPD in a lively format. The topics covered are crucial for building and maintaining your knowledge in today’s fast-moving environment.

Designed to be flexible around you, these sessions are run three times a day allowing you to choose a time that suits your busy schedule. Each session is repeated at: 8am–9am, 1pm–2pm, 4pm–5pm

Programme of seminars:

Seminar 1: From Russia with cash – examining the issues of dealing with Russia

Seminar 2: Stretching the reach of sanctions – assessing the impact of the UK Magnitsky Act

Seminar 3: "Strong arm of the law" – examining LEA developments

Seminar 4: Panama and Paradise Papers – fake news or inconvenient truth?

Seminar 5: MLROs under pressure? Review of current regulatory and court actions

Seminar 6: Bribery and corruption update – usual suspects and emerging stars

Seminar 7: Investment fraud and values – round-up of recent regulatory action

Seminar 8: No safe havens – the impact of the Criminal Finances Act one year on

Seminar 9: Countering the financing of terrorism – what areas should an effective BRA consider when managing this risk?

Seminar 10: Governance – ultimate defence or white elephant?

Seminar 11: CDD update – UBOs (Uncovered Beneficial Owners or Unexplainable Beneficial Owners?)

Seminar 12: You heard it here first – what might 2020 hold?

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